Your Sleep and The Twilight Zone: What Is The Connection?

sleep apnea

From 1959 to 1965, Americans eagerly tuned in to watch The Twilight Zone, a TV series about people who found themselves in strange situations and often felt like they had crossed over into the alternative dimension for which the show is named. The show is still so popular that people celebrate Twilight Zone Day on May 11th.

If you have ongoing problems getting good-quality rest, it may feel like you are in the Twilight Zone during waking hours because you feel so exhausted and perhaps even delirious. Further alienation may also result if you have tried many common sleep solutions and are still having persistent sleeping issues. You might start feeling very isolated because you cannot understand why other people in your household sleep soundly while that ability evades you night after night. What you are experiencing may be sleep apnea.

Get Your Sleep Problems Treated at a Dental Practice

You can address these sleep problems effectively by visiting Dr. Marko Kamel. While working in our Woodbury Dental Arts office, he regularly helps patients who are dealing with the effects of sleep apnea in Woodbury, MN. After assessing your situation during an appointment, Dr. Kamel may recommend you start wearing a special dental device that keeps the airway open as you sleep and minimizes symptoms such as snoring.

Feel More Alert and Ready to Face the Day

After you begin treatment for sleep apnea under the guidance of a dentist, you should start feeling more able to tackle the day’s activities with greater energy. Some people with untreated sleep apnea also suffer from morning headaches due to dilated blood vessels in the brain and head. Once sleep apnea treatments begin, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

If it seems like you are living in the Twilight Zone, take a proactive step by contacting our office and scheduling an appointment for help with your nighttime rest troubles. Sleep apnea may be to blame and Dr. Kamel can help.

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