Your Sleep and The Twilight Zone: What Is The Connection?

a man in need of sleep apnea treatments because he has sleep apnea.

From 1959 to 1965, Americans eagerly tuned in to watch The Twilight Zone, a TV series about people who found themselves in strange situations and often felt like they had crossed over into the alternative dimension for which the show was named. The show is still so popular that people celebrate Twilight Zone Day on May 11th.

When people have ongoing problems getting good-quality rest, it may make them feel like they are in the Twilight Zone during waking hours because they feel so exhausted and perhaps even delirious. Further lack of sleep issues may also result if patients have tried many common sleep solutions and are still having persistent sleeping issues.

People with sleeping issues might start feeling very isolated because they cannot understand why other people in their household sleep soundly while that ability evades them night after night. These people may be experiencing sleep apnea in Minneapolis, MN.


What Are The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea In Minneapolis, MN?

What is sleep apnea and how can people tell if they need help from a dental professional who can diagnose and suggest treatments for this frustrating — but manageable — condition? Generally, most people who have sleep apnea experience at least a few of the following symptoms:

Loud Snoring:

Many sleep apnea sufferers snore continuously or in very loud bursts. Often, they do not realize themselves that they are snoring loudly.

Night Sweats:

Although sweating unusually heavily at night is a symptom of many other types of conditions, it is also related to sleep apnea. When people wake up drenched in sweat every morning, they should talk with the trusted dental professional about it.

Trouble Breathing:

When people wake up suddenly from their sleep with the feeling like they cannot catch their breath or are being choked, it is a major sign that they have sleep apnea. This is due to the soft tissues in the back of their throat closing prematurely and sporadically. When these soft tissues in the back of people’s throats disallow air to travel to and from their lungs, their body wakes them up as an alert system.

Morning Headaches:

No one wants to go through mornings feeling like their head will never stop throbbing. Barring other reasons for morning headaches, such as drinking too much alcohol the night before or feeling under the weather, people may be dealing with the effects of sleep apnea.

Dry Mouth In The Morning:

Like headaches, dry mouth is frequently reported among people who have sleep apnea.

Fatigue And Sleepiness:

Again, everyone has days where they feel less rested and more tired. If this is an everyday problem for people, however, then they might have sleep apnea.

Are There Conditions Linked To Sleep Apnea In Minneapolis, MN?

Although it might be tempting for people to think that they can just handle their sleep apnea and symptoms themselves, this is typically not the case. Sleep apnea is not just a single issue. The condition has been linked to other medical concerns. Therefore, the longer people wait to get treated by a skilled dental professional for their sleep apnea, the higher the risk they are of developing other diseases and problems.

There are numerous conditions people can develop when they leave their sleep apnea untreated for a long period of time. Cardiovascular conditions, like elevated blood pressure, heart disease, and strokes, have been linked to ongoing sleep apnea. Recent studies have also shown potential links between Type II diabetes and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea does not just affect people’s physical health, it affects their mental health as well. As such, episodes of depression, anxiety, and memory troubles can be connected with sleep apnea in some adults.

How Can I Get My Sleep Apnea Problems Treated?  

People can effectively address their sleep apnea problems by going to a knowledgeable dental professional’s office. After assessing the patient’s specific situation, the dental professional will recommend that the patient starts wearing a special dental device that keeps their airway open as they sleep. This will minimize their sleep apnea symptoms, like snoring.

In fact, there are many sleep apnea treatment methods people can go to a dental professional to get treated with so that they can better manage and sometimes cure their sleep apnea. These proven sleep apnea treatments include:

Oral Snoring Cessation Appliances:

When people’s mouths and jaws are in a neutral position while they sleep, they will no longer experience many of the side effects of sleep apnea. A customized oral appliance, that looks like a mouthguard, can assist people with sleep apnea by keeping their mouth slightly open.

Because the appliance is designed and fabricated for their specific mouth, it is comfortable. Many sleep apnea patients like to first try oral appliances before moving on to other treatment methods.

CPAP machine:

A CPAP machine is a device that includes a mask that sleep apnea patients wear while they are in bed. The CPAP machine delivers air through the mask into the patient’s mouth, encouraging their body to breathe in a healthy, normal way.

CPAP machines have come a long way in recent years and are quieter than ever. It will take a few nights for sleep apnea patients to get accustomed to a CPAP machine, but it can be a permanent way for them to get a good night’s sleep.

Ozone Therapy:

One of the newest holistic systems to address sleep apnea is with ozone therapy services.


See Us Now So We Can Treat Your Twilight Zone Sleep Apnea Problems With Trusted Sleep Apnea Treatments

After you begin treatment for sleep apnea under the guidance of our trusted dental professional, you should start feeling more able to tackle the day’s activities with greater energy. Some people with untreated sleep apnea also suffer from morning headaches. Once sleep apnea treatments begin, you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

If it seems like you are living in the Twilight Zone because of sleep apnea, take a proactive step by coming to our advanced office for one of our sleep apnea procedures. Get in contact with Dr. Marko Kamel, Dr. Raymond Hellickson, Dr. Michael Smilanich, Dr. Ammon Kaopua, and our exceptional team at our Woodbury Dental Arts office to schedule an appointment today!

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