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It’s no secret, Invisalign® has helped many people align their teeth in a very discreet manner. Even though clear aligners provide many dental benefits, they don’t happen overnight. There are things that you should be aware of and expect when you decide to undergo an Invisalign® treatment. Take a minute to further your understanding with dealing with this type of dental equipment so that you can have a smoother tooth straitening experience.

Speech Issues

Unfortunately, most patients might form a lisp at the start of wearing their Invisalign® trays. This is normally due to your mouth adjusting to the aligns constantly being in. Although you eventually do get used to the new trays and the lisp does go away, it can still be slightly embarrassing to experience for some folks.

Eating Habits

You’ll defiantly want to be more aware of your eating habits when it comes to dealing with your Invisalign trays. Although you aren’t as restricted or limited to what foods you can and can’t eat as if you were to be wearing traditional braces, you still want to be mindful as to what you’re eating. This is mainly due to the possibility of food particles and bacteria getting trapped within your aligners causing plaque and tartar build-up, eventually leading to cavities and other severe dental problems. On the bright side, this can eliminate the habit of mindless snacking.

The Turtle or the Hare

Patients like that Invisalign trays can be removed in light of the fact the option enables them to feel more responsible for their own oral wellbeing unlike having braces that are fixed in place. Even though this can be viewed as a positive, this also interferes with the process of straightening your teeth and creates a “move at your own pace ” mentality. The downside of this is that it’ll take longer for you to complete the treatment in the scheduled time frame the more you remove the trays. So, you have to ask yourself how long you want to wear the Invisalign system.

Looking for More Info.

All in all, Invisalign® is a great tooth straighten option that is offered by Dr. Kamel at Woodbury Dental Arts. If you’re interested in this treatment contact our offices located in Woodbury, Minnesota for more information.

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