Overcome tooth loss with proven replacement techniques

Regain a youthful grin and enjoy lasting oral health

Losing any number of teeth has a profound effect on your oral health, appearance of your smile and level of self-confidence, along with a number of other consequences. Replacing missing teeth restores your ability to smile and chew comfortably, and prevents further oral and general health hazards that often result when tooth loss is left unaddressed. 

No matter your personal circumstances or oral condition, Dr. Marko Kamel offers the solutions you need to take back your smile and overcome the negative effects that result from losing your natural teeth.

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Tooth Loss Facts and Statistics

Tooth replacement options for a bold, bright smile

Traditional (Removable) Dentures:

Replace multiple or a full arch of missing teeth with either partial or full removable appliances.

Dental Implants

Dr. Kamel uses superior quality, biocompatible Zirconia implants from Straumann® to replace single missing teeth.

Implant Supported Dentures:

Experience the benefits of both dental implants and full arch dentures with this hybrid solution.

Full Arch Replacement:

Using Keystone implants, Dr. Kamel offers same-day extractions and immediate full-arch tooth replacement solutions.

Dental Bridges:

Bridges from Dr. Kamel blend beautifully and bond snugly with surrounding teeth to restore your smile following tooth loss.

Snap-On Smile®:

Completely revamp the appearance and quality of your smile without altering your teeth when choosing the highly cosmetic yet removable Snap-On Smile® solution.

Considering your full mouth dental implant options

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One of the major risks of leaving missing teeth unreplaced

…is the changes it brings to your oral environment. Without replacement, facial features sink, remaining teeth tend to shift and the bite often collapses, increasing your risk of needing further dental treatment to restore your oral health.

High-Tech Solutions at an Affordable Cost

Dr. Kamel is committed to providing you and your family with the most advanced, least invasive care available today. To ensure the best possible outcomes for tooth replacement, Dr. Kamel uses advanced solutions like low-radiation x-rays and 3-D imaging systems – technology that also supports our commitment to providing healthy solutions to improving your smile. Our use of our in-house full dental implant lab not only restores your implant in a single appointment, it also enables Dr. Kamel to provide more affordable implants for you and your loved ones.

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You can overcome the effects of tooth loss and enjoy the bright, healthy smile you deserve.

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