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The Source of Your Chronic Headaches and Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a collection of problems involving the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and surrounding tissues. Both debilitating and discouraging, TMD symptoms are often the source behind time away from work and school and the discomfort that separates 35 million Americans* from normal oral function.
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Treating TMD early on helps ensure you avoid further pain,

…discomfort and health complications. Though you may be one of the millions affected by this common condition, your days of suffering are coming to an end. Receive effective treatment from leading TMJ dentist Dr. Marko Kamel, and get back to enjoying a comfortable, productive life.

Symptoms of TMD include:

Jaw Bone

The Skills and Expertise You Need for Lasting TMD Care

Dr. Kamel is an alumnus of the highly revered Dawson Academy, an institution dedicated to restoring total oral health for patients through the advanced training of dentists. TMJ and occlusal therapy is a strong focus in this total-approach paradigm, and receiving care from a Dawson graduate places you and your family at a significant oral health advantage as a result. Major contributors to TMD are teeth grinding and the effects this habit has on occlusion (how your upper and lower teeth fit together).

Dr. Kamel offers a number of therapeutic solutions for addressing jaw joint pain,

…such as occlusal adjustment (removal of discrepancies from chewing surfaces) – a simple procedure that may be the first step in your TMD therapy. The TruDenta® process for treatment, a minimally invasive way to diagnose and treat TMD effects, is another effective option that may be recommended. For your convenience, Dr. Kamel also works with medical billing to help ensure the best coverage for your TMD care.

Make the right choice for your oral health by seeking the effective TMD care you need. Dr. Kamel can help you overcome your TMJ problems, and get you well on your way to enjoying the health and happiness you deserve.

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