Tackle Vs Touch with CEREC® Same Day Crowns

November 22, 2017

You went up for the pass and came back down with a broken face. Football on Thanksgiving is as much an American tradition as turkey and pumpkin pie. If you aren’t content to watch the pros, you may be tempted to get outdoors and run a few plays yourself. Broken teeth are a natural consequence when someone decides to throw a tackle into a friendly game of touch football.

Fixing Damaged Teeth

Should the worst happen to you, Dr. Marko Kamel has the tools and experience to repair the damage. Not only does he provide preventative dentistry, but he can also perform many cosmetic procedures as well:

CEREC® Same Day Crowns is a service we offer that completely restores the functionality of a damaged tooth in just one visit.

How Do CEREC® Same Day Crowns Work?

If you have ever had crowns installed, you know that the procedure is often lengthy and uncomfortable. It requires multiple visits to the dentist office before it’s all over, and you must wear a temporary crown over exposed sensitive nerves for several weeks.

Same day crowns eliminate many of these issues:

The procedure is exact. Small imperfections in the fit and finish of the new tooth are easy to resolve. You walk out of our office with a repaired tooth ready for the next play.

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