Systemic Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

April 4, 2019

The Safety of Sedation Dentistry

Becoming more health-conscious is the goal of many people these days. They think more carefully about the foods they eat and the products they use and what sort of effect these things have on their body and the people around them. Why would you not also use this approach when it comes to visiting your dentist? Dr. Marko Kamel and the staff at Woodbury Dental Arts use holistic dentistry when treating patients, and this tends to have benefits for the body as a whole.

 What Holistic Means

While some people interpret it as a mysterious word, holistic simply means that when it comes to treating a patient’s oral health, we take into account everything that is going on in the body instead of just focusing on the mouth. We seek to treat the root cause of every issue, and that means focusing on the body as a whole instead of looking at one part. In addition to oral health systems, Dr. Kamel and our staff consider other physical and mental health systems that could be contributing to what a patient is experiencing.

How It Benefits Patients

A holistic approach benefits patients in many ways:

As a holistic provider, we seek to provide the most state-of-the-art treatment options for patients that includes their whole health when determining the best course of treatment. In addition, Dr. Kamel educates patients about treatments so they can feel more comfortable and knowledgeable about treatment plans.

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You should feel comfortable with your dentist, and if that means seeking holistic options, make sure you ask. To learn more about our treatments using holistic dentistry, contact our office to schedule a visit today.

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