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With Sedation Options, You Can Experience Dentistry the Way It Is Meant to Be

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Are You Avoiding the Dentist Out of Fear or Anxiety?

If the dental office is not your favorite place to visit, you are not alone. Millions of people go each year without even the routine care they need for a healthy smile, all thanks to the emotional barriers of dental fear and anxiety. At Woodbury Dental Arts, Dr. Marko Kamel and our caring team understand your concerns, and are ready to help you overcome any dental phobia keeping you from enjoying a healthy, gorgeous smile. Our relaxing sedation dentistry solutions in Woodbury, MN alleviate the stress, fear and anxiety you have struggled with in the past, and replace them with positive, enjoyable dental experiences from this day forward.

Dr. Kamel talks about fear of the dentist and sedation dentistry

Effective Sedation Solutions for Every Level of Fear

Oral Sedation:
For moderate anxiety, taking a prescription sedative pill an hour before your appointment leaves you completely relaxed, comfortable and even drowsy before, during and after your procedure. Oral sedation is commonly used with services like implant placement, extractions and gum surgery.
Nitrous Oxide:
Breathing in this clear, odorless gas calms your anxiety before and during treatment. Nitrous oxide renders you happy and euphoric, and leaves no aftereffects once the gas is stopped. This option may be recommended for slight to moderate anxiety in conjunction with simple procedures like cleanings, fillings or scaling and root planing.
IV Sedation:
Typically reserved for severe cases of fear and anxiety, IV sedation induces a “twilight” sleep, though you can still respond to instructions. Dr. Kamel is trained and certified in IV sedation, and administers this option in situations where multiple procedures, dental implant placement or surgeries are needed, among other treatment scenarios.
Local Anesthetic:
Used alone or combined with sedation options, local anesthetic numbs the treatment area during procedures like fillings, crowns and gum disease treatment. Dr. Kamel also offers Needle-Free Anesthesia and DentalVibe for your ultimate comfort.

With sedation benefits like these, you never need to be afraid of visiting our office for treatment:

  • Stress-free, painless dental visits
  • Little-to-no-memory of procedures
  • Multiple services performed in one visit
  • Elimination of worry and anticipation surrounding dental care

Stop putting off the dental treatment you need,

and experience the benefits of relaxing, stress-free, comfortable dental care with Dr. Kamel and our experienced team.

Learn more about your options for positive dental visits with sedation by scheduling a consultation at Woodbury Dental Arts today.

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