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Ben Crelinski talks about invisalign and Dr. Kamel

He walks you through it and tells you step by step what you're going to do and how you're going to get there, and what to expect as an outcome. You can smile with confidence, you don't have to worry about knowing you have crowded teeth and knowing that they're not the way you want them, they are not perfect. Now I am excited to smile, to laugh and to joke and show my teeth because it's great. You couldn't ask for a better way to do it with invisalign and Dr Kamel.
Ben Crelinski shares his experience with invisalign at Woodbury Dental

Committed to Proving Excellent Service

It gives me great pleasure in commending you and your staff on the exemplary manner in which you conduct the supervision, administration and operational aspects of your dental practice.

Through the initiative, enthusiasm, and demonstrated professional administrative and technical abilities of you and your staff. You have earned the respect, admiration and confidence of your patient population by providing the most state-of-the art dental care.

It is very apparent that you and your staff are always eager to respond to the aspirations and needs of those taking advantage of your dental services. The front office administrative staff is outstanding in making the patients feel as though they are walking into their personal residence when entering the dental office.

Particularly noteworthy, were the extensive technical abilities of your Dental Assistant, Sheng; who enthusiastically provided patients detail guidance on the care and maintenance of dental work in their home environment.

On behalf of your present and future patient population, I extend to you and your staff our best wishes for continued success in your dental services endeavors.
-Michael Myles Bynum

Dr. Kamel,
I am aware you noticed I am very picky and like things to be done right the first time and had you remake the teeth. I, at work, hold myself to a very high standard when helping others. You did an excellent job where so many other dentist failed. My teeth look amazing!

So, even though I might have given you a headache, I appreciate the quality work.

Thanks for everything!
-Brandon Simms

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