How to Choose Teeth Alternatives


A tooth implant procedure differs slightly from other method of replacing missing teeth and benefit you beyond superficial reasons. You can prevent bone loss with an implant, which doesn’t happen with dentures. Dentures however, provide a flawless smile for those who do not want to undergo a surgery.

Dentures vs. Implants

Dentures have been around for generations and have been a sufficient solution for missing teeth. They provide a glowing smile for those who have teeth missing for a multitude of reasons. Dentures are a great option for many patients still, even with dental implants, as they do not cost as much as implants do and not everyone is a candidate for the surgery.

Dental implant surgery is a hard surgery for some to go through. Because the healing can take some time, some people prefer to opt out of this option. To be a candidate for dental implants, you also need to have strong jawbones to hold the implant. If you do not, you may need to undergo bone grafting. If you do not want the extra healing time or cost of grafting, dentures are for you.

A major perk to going through the dental implant procedure is not losing jawbone density. With dental implants, the implant itself holds the shape of your face, where dentures could potentially have you suffering with bone loss.

When you undergo teeth implants, you treat them as your natural teeth. You will brush and floss just like you would normally. Regular dentist’s appointments are also part of maintaining healthy teeth and implants. Dentures are removable, and can be soaked at night to clean them.

If you think you would benefit from dental implants or dentures, consult with your dentist. At your appointment, they can go over the options for you. This will include payment options, as well as choosing how you would like your smile to look and how long the healing time will take you. Call your dentist office today to restore your smile.

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