Get Back to School Ready With Six Month Smiles

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If you’re looking for a solution to minor tooth alignment problems and you’re over 15 years old, there is a great new clear braces system that can achieve corrections to smiles in less time, and with the same discreet visible profile you expect from top brands of clear braces. The new system is called Six Month Smiles, and it’s specially designed for adults and older teens whose adult teeth are all in.

Details About This Treatment

• The six-month treatment uses clear braces, not aligners, avoiding the issues many people have with making sure aligners are in for the right amount of time.
• Patient comfort levels are consistent with other methods of treatment
• Get the smile you want in six months instead of two years
• Enjoy the low visibility of a clear orthodontic
• Less expensive over the life of treatment than other options because of the short treatment duration

Learn More About Whether This Treatment Is Right for You

As with all alignment treatments, Six Month Smiles is designed to work for as many patients as possible, but it’s not for everyone. Patients need to not only be above 15 years old, but in good health, without signs of gum disease that would need to be treated first or other major health issues that would make the treatment inadvisable at this time. Working with Dr. Marko Kamel can help patients become candidates by improving other oral health issues, but most patients qualify right away.

For more information about how this innovative approach to braces can benefit you and your family, contact our office today. Our team can answer basic questions about the options offered, and they can also set you up with a consultation where you can learn more about how this whole thing works. Don’t wait to get the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact us today.

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