Dental Implants Are The Permanent Alternative To Dentures

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Is Your Health at Risk From Tooth Loss?

Losing natural teeth leads to a number of problems, from bone loss in the jaw and nutritional deficiencies to diminished self-esteem. If tooth loss is affecting your smile, health and confidence in life, Dr. Marko Kamel can help with proven permanent tooth replacement options. Even if you have struggled with the discomfort and challenges of dentures for years, you may still be a candidate for implants – the permanent alternative to traditional replacement appliances.

Dental Implant vs. Dentures Options for Tooth Replacement

Replacing a tooth in its entirety, implants integrate with the jaw and help preserve the integrity of the bone tissue. Those with sufficient bone structure are candidates for implants, which can replace anywhere from one to multiple missing teeth.

Never go without teeth when choosing full-arch tooth replacement with high-quality Keystone implants. Whether needing extractions or moving away from dentures, our extremely esthetic same-day solutions are ready for immediate use.

Natural-looking and extremely stable, implant supported dentures anchor firmly to implants embedded within the jaw bone. Ideal candidates are those with adequate bone support transitioning from traditional dentures or requiring full-arch replacement. 

Replace multiple missing or a full arch of teeth with traditional dentures. These removable appliances are ideal when waiting to begin implant procedures or in cases where receiving implants are not an option.

Mask imperfections like broken, chipped, stained or missing teeth with this temporary tooth replacement option. Custom-created, Snap-On Smile® fits comfortably over existing teeth and is completely removable.

Dental Implants vs. Traditional Dentures

Dental implants are widely preferred by dentists and patients for replacing missing teeth. As the only solution replacing both root and crown portions of teeth, implants engage the jawbone daily and help preserve the bone structure your oral environment so needs. Dentures and other temporary appliances merely rest atop the gums, and do not contribute to jaw bone health.



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Things you should ask when considering dental implants

How Permanent and Removable Options Affect Your Smile

Your individual circumstances, preferences and oral health determine whether permanent or removable replacement solutions are best for your smile. Permanent options offer the ultimate in comfort, stability and longevity, while removables afford convenience with homecare and lower initial cost. Incorporating dental implants into your tooth replacement offers an ideal long-term oral health solution.


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