Innovative Same-Day Crowns With CEREC® Technology

cerec machine Woodbury, MN

Say Goodbye to the Inconvenience of Traditional Crown and Bridge Visits

Has the long process of getting a dental crown or bridge kept you from receiving the proper care you need? Traditional crown and bridge procedures involve not only messy impressions and unpredictable temporary crowns, but also multiple dental visits and extended lab time. Dr. Marko Kamel simplifies crown and bridge procedures for our patients by using innovative CEREC® technology for single visit, same-day restorations. With our advanced services, you can trade the inconvenience of traditional crown and bridge visits for the comfort, precision and heightened beauty of same-day CEREC® restorations.

cerec® Same Day Crowns Woodbury, MN
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The Advantages of CEREC®

CEREC® crowns and bridges deliver significant advantages over traditional lab-fabricated restorations, including:

Putting Advanced Technology to Work for You

Dr. Kamel has remained committed to bringing patients the most convenient, minimally invasive, cutting-edge dental services available since he started practicing dentistry in 2002. With the CEREC® process, Dr. Kamel can prepare your teeth to receive crowns or bridges, capture non-invasive computer impressions of your mouth and mill your beautiful new restorations on our CEREC® machine right from the convenience of our warm, inviting Woodbury practice. Our highly esthetic CEREC® restorations not only save you valuable time, they also enable Dr. Kamel to replace missing teeth with dental implants at a lower cost.

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At Woodbury Dental Arts, we take a minimally invasive, whole-person approach to improving oral health, and proudly offer advanced solutions like CEREC® same-day crowns and bridges to make your life easier and smile brilliant.