Don’t Let That Blank Space in Your Mouth Fool You

Dental Patient Covering Her Missing Tooth In Her Smile, Shyly So, you had teeth extracted and/or are missing a few teeth? No big deal, right? Do not fool yourself! There are plenty of issues that come with missing teeth in Woodbury, MN. You lose the confidence in your smile, you can’t chew the foods you use to enjoy, and so much more. Beyond these though, […]

What To Know About TMJ

tmj When it comes to understanding jaw pain it’s important to note that this could be related to an oral health issue. A numerous number of people suffer from facial and jaw pain. However, because this pain is can come and go it often is noticed when it’s sporadic and is then forgotten when it’s fleeting. […]

What is TMJ

tmj Woodbury, MN TMJ refers to temporomandibular joint disorder. This condition helps you to operate your mouth. The joint is important for chewing, talking, yawning and more. If you begin to experience jaw pain and frequent headaches, a disorder may have developed within the joint. In order to treat TMJ properly, you need to understand what causes it […]