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Tooth Loss Takes a Toll on Life, Health and Self-Image

Has tooth loss left you feeling embarrassed of your smile? Do you avoid socializing with others or going after your dream job due to the state of your oral health? Without a doubt, losing any number of teeth significantly impacts how you view yourself, how others see you, your overall health and even your quality of living.

Dr. Kamel discusses the different implant procedures.

If this describes you,

receiving dental implants from Dr. Marko Kamel may be the life-changing solution you need. Implants permanently replace teeth lost due to:

  • Extractions
  • Severe Periodontal Disease
  • Bone Loss
  • Osteoporosis
  • Root Resorption
  • Advanced Tooth Decay

Dental Implants Offer a Wealth of Smile and Health Benefits

Favored over other options by both patients and dentists, dental implants are largely regarded as the standard of care in replacing missing teeth today. Implants are designed to be a permanent, lifetime answer to tooth loss, and are made of materials compatible with the human body. There is a wealth of both aesthetic and functional benefits provided by this preferred tooth replacement solution. Implants:

  • Feel, look and act like real teeth
  • Closely mimic natural tooth structure
  • Integrate firmly with jawbone
  • Stimulate bone, preserving jawbone health
  • Help stop bone loss
  • Do not slip, shift or move
  • Replace anywhere from one tooth to a full arch
  • Keep surrounding teeth from migrating out of place
  • Maintain facial profile and structural support

Focusing on Total Oral Health

At Woodbury Dental Arts, we believe in treating not only troubled areas, but you as a whole. It is because of this commitment to delivering the ultimate in care that we utilize health-saving, low-radiation technology like Cone Beam Imaging for designing and placing implants with premier precision, and cost-saving services such as CEREC® implant crowns. With CEREC®, your computer-created crowns are milled right in our office in about an hour, under the direction of Dr. Kamel himself, making the process of receiving implants more affordable for you and your loved ones. As a Diplomate of the International Dental Implant Association, Dr. Kamel possesses the refined expertise, precision and gentle hand required for delivering successful implant outcomes

Tooth loss has affected your smile long enough. Take back your oral health and enjoy the lasting benefits of implants.

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