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Why Does Bone Health Matter?

Dental implants rely on a certain level of bone in the jaw to carry out the job for which they are designed. Insufficient bone fails to provide the stability necessary to maintain implant position and withstand biting forces. When bone loss has occurred, or disease renders natural teeth hopeless, Dr. Marko Kamel offers the procedures you need to prepare your mouth for placement. Such preparatory services are one of several factors that go into determining total cost, and the course of action right for your smile.

Wilma Battle discusses her dental implant procedure.

Prepare Your Mouth for Dental Implant Success

When evaluating your candidacy for dental implants, your individual needs and oral health condition dictate whether Dr. Kamel recommends one or more of the following periodontal procedures:


The removal of hopeless teeth affected by advanced periodontal disease or decay may be the first step towards reestablishing a healthy smile and bite.

Bone Grafting:

Rebuild bone support to a healthy level by adding bone tissue sourced from your own body or donor samples.

Ridge Augmentation:

Tooth loss causes deterioration of the bony arch supporting the teeth and facial profile. Ridge augmentation allows Dr. Kamel to restore volume and structure to the arch through strategic placement of bone tissue.

Ridge Preservation:

Dr. Kamel can preserve a new extraction site by adding bone directly into the exposed tooth socket, enabling future placement.

Sinus Lift/Augmentation:

To replace missing upper premolar or molar teeth, Dr. Kamel may need to add tissue in or around the sinus cavity to create better bone volume for support.

The Advanced Care You Need for a Lifetime of Smiles

Dr. Kamel and our team want you and your family to have access to the highest quality, most advanced services available in dentistry today, which is why we go above and beyond to provide services like Guided Tissue Regeneration and Plasma Rich Growth Factors when performing surgical procedures. These treatments help facilitate healing and regeneration of bone and gum tissues when preparing for dental implants. As an additional service, we offer relaxing sedation options if dental anxiety has been keeping you from getting the care you need.

Give your smile the support it needs

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