All-On-4® Vs All-On-X Full Arch Dental Implants

Full Arch All-On-X Dental Implants Model

Have you decided to finally talk with your dentist about full arch dental implants in Woodbury, MN? Be sure to bring up the topic of All-On-4® versus All-On-X implant varieties. Both types of full arch dental implants are excellent alternatives to traditional removable dentures. However, they do have unique qualities that may make you want to consider the placement of one versus the other.

What Are the Similarities Between All-On-4 and All-On-X Full Arch Dental Implants?

Both All-On-4 and All-On-X dental implants allow you to get a permanent hybrid prosthesis (also called a hybrid denture) placed in your upper or lower jawbone. The prosthesis is secured by strategically and surgically placed implants. Unlike dentures, it will never need to be taken out.

Immediately after implant surgery, you will receive a temporary prosthesis. The temporary prosthesis allows you to get the immediate effects of a complete smile while your dental implant sites heal. After the healing process is complete, you will receive a permanent prosthesis that can last for decades with proper care.

What Are the Differences Between All-On-4 and All-On-X Full Arch Dental Implants?

Although both All-On-4 and All-On-x full arch dental implants in Woodbury, MN, give roughly the same result in terms of a winning smile and improved mouth function, they do vary.

The biggest distinction between these two kinds of restorations is the number of implants they use. Not surprisingly, All-On-4 dental implants use four implants carefully placed at very specific locations in the jawbone for every patient that undergoes this procedure. What happens, though, when a dentist feels that fewer or more implants could give you better outcomes? Under those circumstances, All-On-X dental implants can be game-changers.

All-On-X dental implants do not limit the number of implants that a dentist should use. Instead, the patient’s individual needs and health issues help drive the appropriate number of implants. As such, some All-On-X full mouth restorations rely upon as little as two implants while others do better with up to six implants.

Find Out About All-On-X Full Arch Dental Implants In Woodbury, MN!

If you like the idea of a more customized dental implant solution and are looking for dental implants near Minneapolis or St. Paul, MN, talk with our dentists about All-On-X full arch dental implants. Even if you have worn a denture for a long time, you can still be a candidate for full mouth restoration treatments.

Make an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Marko Kamel, with our office in Woodbury, MN! Dr. Kamel is passionate about providing all patients with individualized care from the first visit. Specializing in corrective, cosmetic, and preventative dentistry techniques, he values being able to introduce patients with missing teeth to advanced options like All-On-X full arch dental implants.

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