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Welcome to Woodbury Dental Arts

Restoring Smiles And
Changing Lives

At Woodbury Dental Arts, we don’t treat teeth, we treat patients. Our dental implant solutions are as unique as you, with every detail and specification designed, personalized and carried out with the highest level of precision. We leverage digital diagnostics to create a more accurate, streamlined and comfortable dental implant process for our patients. 

Our full mouth dental implants provide unsurpassed stability and strength to eat, smile, laugh and socialize with renewed confidence. With extensive expertise placing single, multiple and full arch dental implants coupled with sophisticated technology, our skilled implant dentists will replace your missing teeth and provide you with restored oral health, a radiant new smile and a better quality of life!

Woodbury Dental Arts
The Premier Location For
Dental Implants

Are you currently looking for an experienced dental implant dentist? With nearly 15% of dentists in the United States surgically placing dental implants, it can be hard to identify which doctors have the experience needed to properly address your tooth replacement needs.

Here at Woodbury Dental Arts, our expertise is with dental implant procedures. As a Nobel Biocare “Center Of Excellence For All-On-4”, we are one of the top producing providers for full mouth dental implant procedures. From singular dental implants to All-On-4’s attached to zygomatic dental implants for patients with severe bone loss, we have personalized solutions for any patient with missing teeth – Using a dedicated in-house implant laboratory for providing individualized and precise care.

Dr. Kamel also hosts the Woodbury Academy within Woodbury Dental Arts, a training center for dentists across the country looking to perform full arch dental implant cases.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Marko Kamel

Dr. Kamel

Dr. Marko Kamel has dedicated his professional career to providing patients with comprehensive restorative, surgical and reconstructive dental services. He earned his dental degree from Cairo’s Ain-Shams University in 2000 and received his D.D.S. in Minnesota in 2006. Additionally, he earned a certificate in Contemporary Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry from the University of Minnesota in 2009, and currently holds active dental licenses in both Minnesota and California.


Dr. Hellickson

Dr. Raymond “Buzz” Hellickson, DDS, grew up in Cannon Falls, MN and is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Dental School. He proudly served with the U.S. Marine Corp, stationed at Paris Island, SC, before returning to Minnesota to begin his private practice. In the early 1980s, Dr. Hellickson was among the first dentists in Minnesota to actively place dental implants, and subsequently dedicated his practice to restoring patients to full oral health, function and aesthetics.


Dr. Smilanich

Dr. Michael “Mike” Smilanich, DDS, was raised in Buhl, MN and is a proud Iron Ranger. He graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School in 1983, and dedicated his private practice to restoring patients to full function and aesthetics with dental implants and full-mouth restorative solutions. Dr. Smilanich is a sought-after, nationally recognized lecturer with more than four decades of real-world restorative and implant expertise.


Dr. Kaopua

Dr. Kaopua

Dr. Ammon Kaopua, DDS, is an implant dentist and graduate of the Arthur A. Dugoni University of the Pacific Dental School in San Francisco, California. Dr. Kaopua is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii and is well-known for his expertise and commitment to providing high-quality dental care to his patients. In order to provide the highest standard of care to his patients, Dr. Kaopua continually seeks out advanced training and education opportunities, including advanced training in soft tissue grafting and zygomatic and pterygoid implant placement.  


The Highest Quality Implants Delivered Affordably

Our goal is to help patients achieve optimal oral health, a confident smile and better quality of life with top-quality dental implants. In addition to offering amazingly competitive prices and free implant consultations, many of our patients pay for the smile of their dreams with dental implant financing. We partner with the third-party dental financing companies CareCredit, LendingClub and Proceed Finance to give you the flexibility to choose the best option to meet your needs.

Using the Latest Technologies
to Restore Smiles

Dr. Kamel strives to stay at the forefront of technology to perfect his implant skills and benefit his patients. In addition to an on-site milling machine and 3D printer that streamlines getting same-day smiles, Dr. Kamel offers guided implant surgery in Woodbury, MN using the sophisticated X-Guide® system by X-Nav Technologies. This dynamic 3D navigation technology enables Dr. Kamel to place dental implants more predictably and precisely for the best possible outcomes.

Our Top Services

Single Dental Implants

Dental implants are a life-changing tooth replacement solution, whether you lost a tooth due to severe periodontal disease, untreated decay, bone loss or trauma. When Dr. Kamel replaces a missing tooth with a dental implant in Woodbury, MN, this eliminates the many functional and aesthetic problems associated with tooth loss. Natural-looking and highly durable dental implants are the only permanent option that stimulate and preserve your underlying bone, enabling you to enjoy restored smile function and beauty that stands the test of time!

full arch dental implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants

In 2021, Dr. Kamel and Woodbury Dental Arts was recognized as a Nobel Biocare™ All-on-4® Center of Excellence. That means Dr. Kamel has a high level of experience and training in the All-on-4 full arch dental protocol. Utilizing advanced techniques, Dr. Kamel strategically places a minimum of four implants per arch in the most stable parts of your jawbone to ensure the highest level of function and comfort for your new teeth. All-on-4 to All-on-X allows tooth extraction, implant surgery and fitting of a temporary bridge printed with our 3D printer, in one day. During the three to six months it takes dental implants fuse with the underlying bone in a process called osseointegration, Dr. Kamel may make adjustments to your temporary prosthesis. After the implants have fully integrated, you’ll return to our practice for placement of your beautiful permanent zirconia prosthesis.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

If you’ve lost teeth and have been told you aren’t a candidate for dental implants due to severe bone resorption (loss) in your upper jaw, you may have given up hope on a permanent fix for your smile. The good news is that you may be an ideal candidate for zygomatic dental implants in Woodbury, MN. Unlike conventional dental implants that are secured in the jawbone, zygomatic dental implants are surgically placed in the zygomatic bone (cheekbone). This strong and stable facial bone enables proper fusion of dental implants without the need for bone grafting or sinus lifts, making it possible for patients with severe bone loss to fully restore their smiles.

Woodbury Dental Arts was chosen by Nobel Biocare "Center of Excellence for All on 4" for 2022!

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